Friday, September 08, 2006

Independence March Edinburgh

Hi folks,

Three weeks to go this Saturday till the march on 30th.

It starts at 1:30pm lead off by the Stockbridge Pipe Band.

Assemble at East Market Street (behind Waverly station) from 1pm.

Rally at the Scottish Parliament will comprise music from 'Scotia',
Paul Anderson and others.

Speakers we still cannot name, but let's just say the mix might produce
a second fireworks display. The format is hoped to be speeches
punctuated by musical interludes.

Here is the electronic version of a leaflet with a map and lots of
other info:-

Thousands of paper versions are to be distributed throughout Scotland
this weekend.

This is your chance to participate in one activity which has a
proven track record in helping to gain independence around the World.
No independence movent has ever succeeded without people taking to the
streets in marches or demos.

Also, if you live in Scotland, you may want to help this cause.

You can do so by downloading the following poster, printing it off and
getting it displayed in your local shop or pub. Set your printer to
300 dpi and it should fit neatly on an A4 page.

Do it now!


Chic McGregor